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Pre-K, Parent-Child Home Program: Better Together


Expanded pre-K is the talk of the town for getting kids ready for succeed. Meet pre-K’s best friend, the Parent-Child Home Program. Read more

in Early Learning, 08/12/2014

Day of Caring: Waste Or Worth It?

Sara Levin - Insights from the Inside SM

Day of Caring is a community institution—but is it worth all the work it takes? When you take a step back, there no doubt what the answer is. Read more

in Volunteering, 08/12/2014

Empowering Teens In Academics


Amy's 12-year tenure as a CHOICES presenter has helped countless students develop positive habits and skills for success. Read more

in Volunteering, 08/05/2014

Your Support Made This Possible

three boys live united t-shirts

The 2013-2014 United Way campaign year finished stronger than ever. And it had everything to do with you. Read more

in Giving, 08/05/2014

A Poster, A Park And A Lifeline

one million meals child hunger

Ah, summer. The sunshiney, no-school joy. It also means no school meals, and that put Laura and grandson Keith in a pinch. Read more

in Basic Needs, 08/05/2014

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