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5 ways to end youth homelessness

Ideas from last week’s National Alliance to End Homelessness conference. Read more

By Judy Lightfoot in Homelessness, 02/27/2013

Kids write Santa this year for basic needs instead of toys

Santa Claus and his elves are seeing more heartbreaking letters this year as children cite their parents' economic troubles in their wish lists. Read more

By USA Today in Basic Needs, 12/16/2010

Feeding hungry students pays off

Feeding students lunch, and increasingly breakfast, is a basic investment in making other tax dollars for education pay off. Read more

By Seattle Times Editorial Board in Basic Needs, 12/14/2010

Billionaire pledge swells with Facebook's Zuckerberg

photo of billionaires

Seventeen more of America's richest people, including Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, have pledged to give the majority of their wealth to charity. They signed on to the Giving Pledge, the effort led by investor Warren Buffett and Bill and Melinda Gates to persuade the wealthiest people in the world to donate their fortunes Read more

By Kristi Heim 12/10/2010

Pre-K Saved from Drastic Cuts, in WA

Although the economic crisis has taken its toll on many state-funded services nationwide, most pre-kindergarten (pre-k) programs have been spared, according to a new report from the Pew Center on the States. Read more

By Chris Thomas 12/09/2010

Cities offer homeless free storage

Finding a place to safely leave possesions is one of the many challenges homeless people face each day. Read more

By Marisa Kendall in Homelessness, 11/29/2010

Household incomes down, and poverty up, survey finds

Household incomes shrank for a second year in 2009, while the ranks of people who are poor or just barely making it swelled. Income estimates out Tuesday from the American Community Survey, a wide array of census statistics reported annually, show the recession's effect on millions of families. Read more

By Washington Post 09/29/2010

Law Enforcement leaders- Quality early learning reduces crime

Recent studies show that at- risk children who attend high quality early learning programs are less likely to commit crimes as adults than similar children who do not. Read more


Invisible Families

"Invisible Families" is a multi-part series by The Seattle Times done in collaboration with neighborhood online news partners. This series takes a detailed look at the growing epidemic of family homelessness in our region. Read more

in Homelessness, 09/13/2010

Quality early learning matters

The Wall Street Journal pointed to education as the single greatest statistical driver for economic opportunity and 90 percent of a person?s total brain development occurs by age 3. Read more


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