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How We're Solving Youth Homelessness

No child or young person should face a night on the street alone where their safety and lives are put at risk. Yet, in King County, 5,000 youth experience homelessness every year and of these 9% are considered chronically homeless. Find out what our community is doing to help solve youth homelessness and how you can get involved. Read more Read more

in Public Policy, 06/10/2014

You Can’t Escape This Cuteness

Parent-Child Home Helps Parents and Kids

1,000 future grads—that’s these two kiddos plus 998 of their pals that you’re helping prep for success with the Parent-Child Home Program. Read more

in Early Learning, 06/09/2014

2nd Half-Million, Here We Come

summer meals 2014 sm

The One Million Meals Campaign: Where healthy food meets board games meets ending hunger for kids. Read more

in Basic Needs, 06/08/2014

People First. Homeless Second.


When you see a homeless person, it's often easier to look away. On our blog: Do dignity and respect require a home address? Read more

in Homelessness, 06/02/2014

Starting Strong and Building Resiliency

We all need a strong start in life, but some kids don't get that chance. Find out what's happening to change this. Read more Read more

in Public Policy, 05/07/2014

Starbucks Goes Beyond The Bean

Starbucks Sock Drive 150px

Homelessness is big. But the coffee company just down the street shows that a big difference come in small packages of socks. Read more

Let The Successes Commence

No grads in your fam this year? No prob—we’ll share ours. A few hundred kiddos finish the Parent-Child Home Program this month. Read more


Register For Our Annual Breakfast

Breakfast 2014 SM

What's causing some kids to fall behind, even before the first day of school? Explore the opportunity gap at our May 15 Breakfast. Read more


Want To Volunteer For Positive Change?

Thousands of people dedicate their time to making our community a better place. But the way people volunteer is changing. Read more

in Public Policy, 04/10/2014

Congratulations, Jefferson Award Winners

On April 7, CityClub's Jefferson Awards spotlighted 5 people making a huge difference through volunteerism and public service. Read more

in Volunteering, 04/08/2014

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