our focus : giving kids an equal chance

Giving Kids an Equal Chance

What happens in children's earliest days and years has enormous influence on their lives--on their personal relationships, their ability to work with others, their emotional resilience, their academic success, and more. 

More than half of Washington's children are not ready to succeed when they enter kindergarten, and many start school as much as two years behind their peers in language and learning skills. The achievement gap in our schools mostly harms low-income kids, students of color and those with limited English proficiency. Much of this unconscionable achievement gap is really a "preparedness gap" that already exists when children begin kindergarten.

By supporting children and their families during the early years, we know that we can positively affect the rest of their lives. Our goal is to make sure that all children get an equal chance at success and start kindergarten ready to learn.

Improving the Quality of Child Care

When young children receive high quality care, the positive effects last into early adulthood and beyond, particularly for children from low-income home environments. Find out how United Way is improving child care in our community. Read more

Intervening Early

Research shows that early diagnosis of developmental challenges and access to services can reduce the intensity of service required later in a child's life. Learn how United Way is helping children with developmental challenges thrive. Read more

Keeping Kids Safe

Preventing abuse and neglect--or intervening early if it's occurred--is the best way to help a child to healthy development. Find out how United Way is helping children and families heal. Read more

Supporting Parents

Parents are their children's first teachers, and all parents need support at some time in raising their children. Learn about United Way’s investments in programs that help parents in their nurturing role. Read more

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