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The Community Snapshot is an overview of the effects demographic changes, economic trends and a variety of other factors have on health and human service needs in King County. It is intended to support planning and alignment on communitywide goals to enhance the quality of life for all in King County. Below, you will find key facts on our population, followed by links to pages on issues that are a particular focus for United Way, including homelessness, early learning, and basic needs. We've also included resources for additional information on demographics and quality of life in King County. Read our 2013 Community Assessment Report here. See citations here.

Key facts: King County

In 2011, King County was home to 1,942,600 people living in 857,993 households.
In 2010:

  • 12% of the population had an income below the poverty level.
  • 16% of children lived in a household below the poverty level.
  • 26% of households spoke a language other than English at home.
  • 30% of individuals were people of color.
  • 20% of the population was foreign-born.

More information about King County's population

United Way of King County works to meet people’s basic needs, end homelessness and give all young children an equal start to succeed in school. We also support a range of human service programs that enhance people's quality of life. Follow the links below for information on the needs related to United Way’s work.

More about immigrants and refugees

Racial disparity data

Zooming in on Basic Needs

Take a look at how the longest period of high unemployment is affecting people in King County. Read more

Zooming in on Homelessness

On any given night in King County, 8000 people are homeless. See charts and data on what this looks like. Read more

Zooming in on Early Learning

See the data that points to our need to support kids' learning during the early years. Read more

Additional Resources

Data and information is increasingly accessible through a wide range of sources. Click on the links below for further information on demographic data and quality-of-life indicators for King County.

Population data and community indicators:

Best and promising practices:

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