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Stats and Facts about Youth Homelessness

  • Every year, at least 5,000 youth experience homelessness in King County.
  • The economy has had a tremendous impact on families. In Washington, the rate of homelessness among school children has jumped 47 percent since 2008. Currently, over 30,609 kids in our public school system are homeless.
  • One in three youth aging out of foster care at 18 becomes homeless.
  • Youth and young adults of color fall into homelessness at higher rates. For example, at local agencies 35 percent of homeless youth served are African American, even though African Americans represent only 8 percent of King County residents.
  • LGBTQ youth and young adults also become homeless more often. In King County, it’s estimated that 22 percent of homeless youth are LGBTQ, far greater than their portion of the general population.
  • Youth who fall into homelessness are more likely to…
    • drop out of school (50 percent do not graduate high school).
    • have problems with drugs and alcohol.
    • suffer a crime (76 percent are victimized, according to a recent study).
    • become pregnant, or become a young father.
    • experience mental health problems—and even attempt suicide.

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