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Partnering: Your Company and United Way

Businesses are central to United Way's success, providing key leadership on our board, insight on community issues, thousands of volunteers who take a hands-on role in getting things done, and the financial resources to make progress on hunger, homelessness and other issues. Here are some tools and ideas to get your business more involved in United Way's work.

Campaign Resources
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Need ready-made resources to get your campaign rolling? Logos, images, event ideas, sample emails and more are just a click away. Read more

Corporate Sponsorships

Get your name and logo out there by supporting United Way events, outreach, volunteer programs and more. Read more

Loaned Executive Program
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Take your career to the next level as a loaned executive, and help people in need while you're at it. Read more

More ways to ramp up your company’s involvement with United Way:

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