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The Gates Endowment

gates endowment

United Way of King County thanks investors for helping us complete the Gates Endowment Challenge, which was propelled by Bill & Melinda Gates and the Gates Foundation! The United Way of King County Endowment is now fully funded with $140 million, and we reached this ambitious goal two full years ahead of schedule.

Together, we've created a permanent endowment that will offest operating costs and enable a great portion of annual donations to United Way of King County to go directly to people in need. That's why the Gates Endowment is so powerful--and special. A very fortunate few nonprofits in our nation have the benefit of a significant endowment, and its positive impact will imporve the lives of so many future residents of our community by ensuring that United Way of King County will be fiscally strong for many years to come.

Gifts to the endowment are helping us to:

  • Offset operating costs
  • Guarantee the financial strength of United Way of King County
  • Provide for continuous improvement of staff, programs, facilities and operations.

Key leadership for reaching the challenge was provided by Jeff and Tricia Raikes, who raised $22.5 million dollars in their 2006-2007 campaign year. Just as pivotal was Bill Neukom, formerly General Counsel at Microsoft. Mr. Neukom leveraged his extensive relationships to raise more than $5 million a year between 2003 and 2007, just as the challenge was gearing up.

Read our report on the culmination of the Endowment Challenge in 2009.

To learn more about the Gates Endowment, please contact Christy Cheever at 206.461.8367.

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