ways to give : giving to other nonprofits

Giving to other nonprofits

United Way of King County embraces all philanthropy. In addition to gifts to United Way, donors can make gifts to other 501(c)(3) nonprofits. We are proud to offer this service to the community.

It costs money to process, collect and disburse these gifts. To keep United Way of King County's administrative costs low, gifts to other nonprofits must equal $30 or more per gift.

Donors that mistakenly give gifts of less than $30 to other nonprofits will be informed by United Way of King County via letter. Donors will have 14 days to respond. They have three options:

  1. Increase the gift to reach the $30 minimum.
  2. Cancel the gift.
  3. Send the gift to United Way of King County.

If a donor doesn't respond within 14 days after receiving a notification letter, the gift will be automatically redirected to United Way of King County.

United Ways across the country have established minimum amounts for gifts to other nonprofits, and it is recognized as a good business practice to reduce costs.

If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service at 206.461.5005 or customerservice@uwkc.org.

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