All-Star Softball Classic

All-Star Softball Classic

The All-Star Softball Classic brought down Safeco Field! And raised some serious donations and community support for homeless youth. Check out these great photos from the day!

What a fun, inspiring day to do great things for at-risk youth. How could you not be blown away by the game and by the impact of all the support! Thank you to all the sponsors, players and supporters. We couldn’t do this without your support!

2017 All-Star Softball Impact

$ 0
Dollars Raised

Youth Partners

People Cheered

All-Star Player Roster

Team Jay Team Dan

Leland Adams

Jordan Babineaux


Jay Buhner

Inga Chernogradskaia

Sarah Colonna

Kate Deines

Jeff Dye

Renee Erickson

Brooke Fox

Ben Gibbard

Taylor Graham

John Howie

Brian Hunter

Chase Jarvis

Jamaal Kearse

Roger Levesque

Ricardo Lockette

Catherine & Sean Lowe

Michelle Ludtka


Molly & Jason Mesnick

Lawyer Milloy

Mary Nam

John Olerud

Don O’neill

Gary Payton

CJ Prosise

Sidney Rice

Jon Ryan

Desiree & Chris Siegfried

Brad Smith

Garth Stein

Bob Stelton

Angela Stowell

Ethan Stowell

Ron Upshaw

Dave Valle

Bobby Wagner

Dan Wilson

Support the All-Star Softball Classic

Missed the game? It’s not too late to get in the action. By donating you join community all-stars helping youth take back their future.

Every dollar you donate helps young people get the assistance they need.

Thanks to our generous 2017 sponsors: