Giving Kids An Equal Chance

Our Goal

80% of kids are ready for kindergarten
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Parent-Child Home Program

When parents become their children’s first and best teachers, kids start school on a path to success.

Three out of four low-income kids in Washington are behind their peers when they start kindergarten. These kids have as much potential as any child. They and their parents simply face bigger obstacles.

2016 Impact

Families Participating
Percentage points more likely to graduate
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Completion rate

Let’s set the stage for every child’s success. We invest in trained coaches who bring educational books and toys to parents who need a little help becoming their children’s first, best teachers.

Early Intervention for Kids

Research shows that early diagnosis of developmental delays can reduce the intensity of help required later in a child’s life. And for some children, it can eliminate the need for special education.

We invest your dollars in programs that identify challenges early so children get physical and language therapy and families receive guidance as soon as possible. And by supporting special training for providers who screen for delays, they can work better with parents and make appropriate referrals.

Improving Child Care

Child care isn’t cheap. Many low-income parents can’t afford quality care and have few options for safe environments for their kids.

Children arriving at kindergarten who’ve been in the care of nurturing adults, with good social and literacy experiences, are prepared to succeed in school and beyond. With your help, we make this quality of child care accessible to low-income families. This means educating family, friend and neighbor caregivers and training providers caring for kids with special needs.