Project LEAD

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Applications for Project LEAD 2023 open Oct. 27!

What is Project LEAD?

Project LEAD empowers people who identify as BIPOC to take the first step toward board leadership.

Too many people of color are left out of leadership roles. We must change who is at the table in order to achieve racial equity in our community. You can make a difference through nonprofit board service.

For more than 29 years, we’ve been doing something to change that. Project LEAD—Leadership Effectiveness and Diversity—is a nonprofit board training program open to skilled, passionate and equity-centered BIPOC individuals.

The 1,000+ Project LEAD graduates are a testament to our community’s commitment to service and diversity. It’s crucial that we take a stand to make sure our community’s boards are representative of the communities they serve and that all voices have an equal seat at the table. You can be a part of that change.

“Project LEAD is a must for every BIPOC community leader, whether they have been serving their community for a few months or 20 years, because it isn’t just about learning the concepts or practicing the new skills. It is so much more. For me, it was like a one-of-a-kind pit stop where I could rest, be hydrated and energized, and learn that it is OK to just be me. It was an incredible bonus to share space with so many amazing leaders who are inspiring and fun!”

—Maya Subramanian

“It was so heartening to see people of color like myself that are so intelligent, smart and driven, all ready to take a seat in a boardroom to make important decisions that affect us all!”

—Modester Chatta

How It Works

During this month-long intensive training, participants show up ready to listen, learn and participate. The program concludes with a graduation ceremony and board networking event, where graduates can meet representatives of nonprofit organizations that are seeking new members for their boards.

Training includes topics like:

  • Issues facing nonprofit organizations
  • Board operations and protocol
  • Collaboration and conflict resolution
  • Fiscal management
  • Strategic fundraising with a racial equity lens
  • Creating bold organizational strategies
  • Managing legal risk
  • Equity leadership

Sponsor Project LEAD

By sponsoring Project LEAD, you will be investing in working toward a better, more racially equitable future for our community and signaling to others that your organization is committed to supporting more equal leadership opportunities.

Thanks to our generous sponsors:

Project LEAD sponsors: Brighton Jones, Regence, K&L Gates, Fourth & Madison, Hines