Give Someone A Boost With Free Tax Help

It might sound crazy, but we have a huge crush on tax season here at United Way, and you can too.

Tons of tax sites are open right now near you. With the Free Tax Prep Campaign, tax season is the perfect time to help hardworking families keep more of what they earn—because who wants to pay a fee for tax preparation when money is already tight?

Another reason we love tax season, looming deadline included, is that it brings together hundreds of volunteers from all over the county. They have all sorts of jobs, speak a ton of different languages, come from a variety of backgrounds, and are ready at all of these tax sites. But they unite under an umbrella of helping others with something that can be a huge stressor. Yes, we’re well beyond Kumbaya here.

In 2014, 825 volunteers prepared 17,450 returns. This secured $24 million in refunds back into the community, including $8.5 million in Earned Income Tax Credits. We’re reaching higher this year, with even more volunteers hoping to help even more people.

Know someone who could use a little tax prep boost? Send them our way by passing along our full list of sites.

in Volunteering, Human Services, 02/17/2015

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