Operating Ratio

2021 Operating Ratio

Because we’re the recipients of an incredibly generous—and significant—endowment, on average, 95 cents of every dollar donated goes to the community.

Fundraising and Management Expenses: $2,281,903
Total Fundraising and Management Expenses: $9,556,191
Income used to offset Fundraising and Management Expenses:
  • Gates Administrative Endowment distribution: (6,746,694)
  • Processing Fees: (150,980)
  • In Kind Expense Donations: (6,100)
  • Sponsorship of Events: (370,514)
  • Adjusted Fundraising and Management Expenses: $2,281,903
Public Support Raised: $96,616,694
Total Public Support Raised: $103,514,368
Deduct non-annual fundraising income:
  • Gates Administrative Endowment distribution: (6,746,694)
  • Processing Fees: (150,980)
  • Gains & Losses & Interest Earned: (0)
  • Adjusted Public Support Raised: $96,616,694
Operating Ratio: 2.36%
Operating Ratio After Offset:

The Gates Administrative Endowment was a gift from the Gates Foundation and hundreds of community members and is specifically designed to offset the costs of running the organization.

In addition to this endowment income, we also work hard to secure in-kind gifts, sponsorships and processing fees to offset our overall costs. These revenue streams are subtracted above from the Total Fundraising and Management Expenses. The Total Public Support Raised is adjusted to subtract income that is not part of our annual fundraising effort, the largest of which is the Gates Endowment distribution.

To see the operating ratio before these income streams are offset, you can toggle on the ‘before offset’ and ‘after offset’ button. In addition, all of our financial statements are available here.

No matter how you calculate it, United Way of King County works hard to make the most of every donor dollar. The needs in our community are great and we are committed to make the most immediate impact possible. We work daily to honor our donors who invest generously each year.

If you have more questions about how we spend donor dollars—either on the administrative side or impact side—please contact Jared Erlandson.