Community Grants

United Way Investments by Area of Work

United Way investments by area of work

Rental Assistance Access to Resources Community Partnerships Quality Education Enough to Eat Homelessness Prevention
70 % 3 % 7 % 12 % 3 % 3 %

*totals are from fiscal year ending June 30, 2023

  • Icon  “✔” represents community of color organizations*.
  • Icons “✔ ○” represent organizations led by and in support of indigenous peoples. 

*How do we define community of color-based organizations?

  • Staff and board leadership are majority people of color (> 50%).  
  • Serves majority communities of color (> 50%). 
  • Provides services in regions where significant populations of communities of color reside.
  • Founded or evolved to serve the needs of communities of color.
  • Directly accountable to community of color that they serve. * *

**Organization is situated within the BIPOC community served, majority staff, leadership, and board are from the community served, if the organization wrongs the community, there will be direct repercussions/consequences for the organization from the community.