Community Grants

Together, we’re working toward a racially just community where all people have access to resources, quality education, enough to eat and a safe place to call home.

Your donations to United Way are addressing racial inequities head on. 57% of total investments are to BIPOC based organizations.

Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) based organizations:

  • Staff and board leadership are majority BIPOC (>50%).
  • Serves majority BIPOC communities (>50%).
  • Provides services in regions where significant populations of communities of color reside.
  • Founded or evolved to serve the needs of communities of color.
  • Directly accountable to BIPOC community served.*
  • Icon  “✔” represents BIPOC organizations.
  • Icons “✔ ○” represent organizations led by and in support of Indigenous peoples.

*Organization is situated within the BIPOC community served, majority staff, leadership, and board are from the community served, if the organization wrongs the community, there will be direct repercussions/consequences for the organization from the community.