What We Do

Investing. Partnering. Advocating.

For over a century at United Way, we’ve always been there providing the resources our community needs. To reimagine and reform historically exclusionary systems, it’s something we envision continuing to do side by side with our community, so we can build an equitable future—for everyone.

How We Do the Work

We believe that the future we’re working toward is only possible by working with, investing in, and advocating for those who’ve been, and continue to be, marginalized and oppressed.

Our work is centered on increasing access, opportunity, and a sense of belonging for people in our community. Our priorities reflect that—meeting their immediate needs and transforming systems that have long caused those needs in the first place.

We’re confident that by uplifting the collective experience and resources of people and partners, we can truly tackle the most complex issues facing our community today and into the future.


We listen to people closest to the challenges and invest in community organizations, programs, and initiatives to ensure everyone has equitable access to resources, quality education, enough to eat, and a safe place to call home.

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Our partnerships work to combat structural and institutional racism and reduce inequities so we can build that equitable future—together. We empower neighborhood-based organizations, putting the power in their hands, to do just that.

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Public policy, community-led systems change, and community collaborations make up the core of our advocacy work. We don’t just push for policy changes, we persist until they’re a reality, and then team up with the community to ensure they’re implemented in a way that works for the people.

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We Have a Plan

Our 2023 Strategic Roadmap shows where we see ourselves in the future and how we’d like to get there—together.

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