Access to Resources

Together, We Can Ensure Everyone Has Resources to Thrive.

We’re living at a time when federal emergency funds have run dry, eviction moratoriums have ended, and the wealthiest 20% of those living in King County earn a whopping 22 times more than the bottom 20%.

Simply put, thousands of families are falling behind. And all it takes is an unexpected expense like a broken leg or home repairs to throw them into poverty. At United Way, we’re working to maximize income for families, because life happens.

We invest in strategies and agencies that specifically meet the needs of communities of color, those that experience poverty at a disproportionate rate. We’re improving outreach and reducing barriers for them to access resources. Side by side with communities—and you—we’re connecting them with the support they need to get on stable financial ground.

Free Tax Preparation Campaign

Hard-working families deserve a break. People, particularly people of color, can miss leveraging tax credits and refunds that can put money back into their pockets. 1 in 5 eligible people in the U.S. don’t even claim the Earned Income Tax Credit.

United Way provides free tax preparation services across 18 King County sites. With our partners at the IRS and the City of Seattle, this service provides free tax advice and helps people making $80,000 or less take advantage of the Earned Income Tax Credit, the nation’s most vital anti-poverty measure.

Learn more about our free tax preparation work >>

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

Hunger is a symptom of poverty and an ongoing crisis. We must act now to put food security back on the table. At United Way, we’re working to create innovative and equitable ways to provide hunger relief to our neighbors. As part of our work to promote food security for children, we also connect families to SNAP by raising awareness about eligibility and providing guidance, tools, and support for them in navigating the complex application process. In 2023, we helped 2,000+ households enroll in SNAP.

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At United Way, we’re working side by side with communities to build an equitable future for everyone. Our partnerships, investments, and advocacy are guided by our commitment to racial justice. Join us in ensuring everyone has access to resources.

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