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Volunteer Events

Get your serve on with our many volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer Events

Join us one Saturday morning each month for hands-on volunteering with local organizations who center racial equity.

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Networking Events

Meet cool people and share a drink, a bite, a laugh and a mission.

Networking Events

Enjoy complimentary brews and bites that support local businesses while addressing some of our communities toughest challenges.

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Speaker Series

Hear from local leaders about living and working in our community.

Speaker Series

Speakers discuss their career journeys, passions and processes for keeping your values front and center.

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Emerging Leaders 365 donors give $1/day to make an impact all year long. Give $365 all at once or $30 a month to get started! Donors receive early access to sold out events, giveaway items from our generous sponsors and exclusive connections to leaders in our community.

Who We Are

Maurice Roper headshot

“I’ve been connected to the United Way in some capacity throughout my entire professional career and didn’t want to miss an opportunity to give back even more. I’m relatively new to Seattle, but I’m excited to learn about and contribute to the community on a deeper level through Emerging Leaders 365!”

—Maurice Roper | Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Iris Oppong

“It’s always great to give back. My philosophy is that you give when you have abundance, and it comes back to you three to four times over.”

—Iris Oppong | Ardour Sisterz

“I became an Emerging Leader 365 donor because I love the King County area, and decided I wanted to give something back to it. Knowing I’m having a positive impact on our community, even in a small way, is really satisfying.”

—Kae Hondorp | Google

Kiki Roper in an office

“I chose to be a part of United Way-King County because I wanted to be in the community putting in the work and seeing the change I so wish to see in society. Working towards a socially just community where everyone can be seen, heard and respected is the type of organization I’m proud to be a leader in.”

—Kiki Roper | Windermere

“Working in the ER with society’s most vulnerable communities has allowed me to recognize that a person’s health goes beyond a simple patient visit. I’m thankful to be involved with an organization that addresses the socioeconomic factors of the quality of healthcare someone receives.”

—Cristina Luevano Santos | ScribeAmerica

“I became an Emerging Leader 365 donor because United Way has a huge impact on our community. Due to the size and scale of their programs… my donation dollars go further towards improving the conditions of Homelessness, Financial Stability, and Education.”

—Albert Cheng | Convoy

“I became an Emerging Leaders 365 donor because I wanted to be part of a community of diverse, caring individuals that wanted to empower each other to make Seattle a better place for all humans. When I joined I instantly felt connected and I highly recommend the program and its initiatives.”

—Jon Hermes | PwC

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This is What Impact Looks Like


What are the different breakdowns of how I can donate?

There are four ways you can join Emerging Leaders 365:

Who can join?

Any young professionals who want to make a difference, stand up for what they believe in and meet leaders and friends while doing so! Youthfulness is about how you live not when you were born.

Where do my donated dollars go?

All Emerging Leaders 365 perks and events are covered by our generous corporate sponsors so that every dollar you give goes directly to building a community where people have homes, students graduate and families are financially stable.

Once I join, for how long am I an Emerging Leaders 365 donor?

You are part of Emerging Leaders 365 for one full year (or 365 days) from the date that you make your gift. For example, if you make a gift of $365 to United Way on Dec. 1 2019, you are part of Emerging Leaders 365 until Dec. 1 2020.

My company matches my donations. How does that work?

We’re not currently set up to recognize workplace matches towards Emerging Leaders 365. However, we love that your company matches donations and encourage you to request a match for your $365. Double the $ = Double the impact!

I made a $365 gift and haven’t heard anything from you. What should I do?

Oh no! We’re so sorry. Sometimes our data processing lags behind. But fear not, we’ll get it straightened out as soon as we can. In the meantime, please contact EmergingLeaders@uwkc.org so that we can get you all taken care of.

Make an Impact

Give $365 or $30 a month to fight homelessness and poverty in our community.


Connect with like-minded young professionals at issue-based events.


Help local nonprofits through group projects and multi-day volunteer opportunities.

Access Leaders

Hear from local businesses and community leaders at our various events.

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