About Us

Envisioning Equitable and Just Communities Where all People Thrive.

100 years. That’s how long United Way of King County has been working to improve the community for everyone. We unite our donors, volunteers, community leaders, nonprofit partners, and government at all levels to solve challenges through innovation, compassion, and action. We’re working to ensure everyone has access to resources, quality education, enough to eat, and a safe place to call home. And we won’t stop. When we work side by side, such a future is possible.

Our Mission

We bring the community together to work toward racial justice by supporting our neighbors and transforming inequitable systems.

Our Vision

We envision equitable and just communities where all people thrive.

Our Values

These core beliefs guide our work: leadership, accountability, racial equity, integrity, collaboration, and a supportive work environment.

We Have a Plan

Our 2023 Strategic Roadmap shows where we see ourselves in the future and how we’d like to get there—together.

Our Commitment to Racial Equity

Racial justice guides our work so that everyone in King County can benefit from its prosperity. In our role as a grantmaker, fundraiser, and service provider we hold a responsibility to restore power and resources to Black, Indigenous, and other people and communities of color. We believe transforming inequitable systems and building an equitable future is only possible when we work with, invest in, and advocate for those historically marginalized and oppressed.

Read our Commitment to Racial Equity>>

MLK Day rally with people in the march holding posters that say "Good Trouble"


A group of go-getters and game-changers, our Board of Directors and Senior Leadership Team believe in working together to listen, learn, and create change for a community where everyone thrives.

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With your support, we’re working side by side with communities to ensure everyone has a safe place to call home, enough to eat, and the resources they need to thrive. Gifts to United Way of King County made the following grants possible in the fiscal year ending June 30, 2022.




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