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Tax Day is April 15th and our tax sites are getting very busy! If you are coming to a site, please aim to come as close to opening hours as possible. We expect Tax Day to be the busiest day of the season, so try to come before that date if possible.

Let’s Help You Keep More of That Hard-Earned Money

If you make less than $80,000 a year (or less than $96,000 for non-single filers), we’ll do the work of preparing your taxes for free so you can get back more of your hard-earned money. We help you understand your tax situation, plus take advantage of credits like the Earned Income Credit, Child Tax Credit, and the Working Families Tax Credit to maximize your refund. No fine print. No kidding.

United Way of King County’s Free Tax Preparation Campaign sites will run from Tuesday, January 16, to Sunday, April 21, 2024. Our IRS-certified volunteers will be available in person at multiple locations across King County to help do your taxes for free. This service is also available virtually through our online tax site (opening February 1, 2024).

Want Quicker Assistance?

If you’re able to, please print and fill out this form and bring it with you.

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Have questions about our tax services? Find more answers in our FAQs below.

Choose a Way to Get Free Tax Help

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In-Person Assistance

Check out our tax site map below to find a tax site that’s most convenient for you. All our tax sites are first come, first serve. No appointments necessary!

Virtual Tax Assistance

Interested in filing your taxes virtually but don’t feel comfortable doing it on your own? We’re happy to help!

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File Your Own Taxes—For Free!

Feeling good about filing your own taxes but want to do it for free, without any hidden fees? We’ve got you.

In-Person Tax Sites

Please click on the tax site schedule below for up to date information on site hours and closures.
Note that tax site hours have hard stops and will not stay open past closing hours. Please come in as close to opening as possible to have the best chance to receive assistance or arrive no later than 45 minutes before tax site closure. If you come later, you may need to return to the tax site at another time to finish your return. 

Need to renew or apply for your ITIN? We can help!

Virtual Tax Assistance


Interested in filing your taxes virtually but don’t feel comfortable doing it on your own? We’re happy to help!

While our volunteers will see you virtually, you must treat this option as if you were at an in-person tax site. You must be available for the duration of your tax return process and must provide all documents by photographing them and uploading them to our secure server.

Please note: Our virtual tax assistance slots are limited. If you do not feel comfortable sharing sensitive information like your Social Security Number, photo ID, and tax documents online, or with navigating a web client, please come see us in person.

File Your Own Taxes—For Free!

Want to file your own taxes without any hidden fees? Here are some resources for you to get started:

MyFreeTaxes is a service provided by United Way Worldwide to provide free tax filing services. Please note: MyFreeTaxes is operated by United Way Worldwide, not United Way of King County. We cannot directly assist you with any questions or concerns regarding the platform.

IRS Direct File Pilot

Direct File is a new tax tool to file your federal taxes directly with the IRS. While this year the tool is limited by what kind of returns can be submitted, if you have a simple return (only W-2s), you may be able to participate in the pilot. Please click the above link to go through the IRS eligibility checker and file your taxes-- for free!

The IRS is seeking feedback from taxpayers who use the tool. If you're interested in potentially being interviewed about your experience, please email

Did you file with Direct File? Share your experience.

General Eligibility

Income eligibility for free tax assistance in 2024:

  • Single filers who made $80,000 or less in 2023, with or without dependents
  • Non-single filers who made $96,000 or less together in 2023, including married couples filing their taxes jointly

Please note: The IRS does not allow our volunteers to prepare certain types of tax returns. We cannot prepare returns for income earned in other states or for returns that involve crypto currency. We also cannot prepare returns for businesses with employees, businesses operating at a loss, businesses that wish to claim business use of the home, and a few other situations. For details, as well as more information regarding what documents you need to bring to our tax sites, visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section below.

Need to contact someone on the tax team?

Please email for any questions or concerns regarding our services. At this time, phone service is limited and we cannot guarantee call-backs to voice mails left for the tax team.


United Way is an equal opportunity provider and anyone who earned less than $80,000 can use United Way’s Free Tax Preparation Campaign services. However, some returns are too complex for our volunteers. For example, we cannot prepare returns for income earned in other states or for returns that involve crypto currency.

Common Questions

Common Questions

Common Questions

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