Fundraise with United Way

Community Relief Fund: COVID-19

Because of COVID-19, the needs of the most vulnerable people in our community are increasing, and that group of people is growing—there are people who need help today that have never needed help before.

In response to this crisis, United Way of King County has set up a Community Relief Fund for COVID-19. Start your fundraiser today and raise money for the people most affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

It’s Easy To Start Fundraising

Step 1—Help People

Create an account, add a photo, set a goal and you’ll be well on your way to raising money for those who need it.

Step 2—Tell Others Why You Care

Write your story about what inspires you to help others (we’ll give you some ideas you can use), then share it with everyone you know. The more people you ask to support you, the more people you’ll be able to help.

Step 3—See the Difference You’ve Made

Once you reach your goal, we’ll let you know who you helped and how.