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Access Education. Overcome Poverty.

We believe that everyone deserves to have easy access to all the resources they need to thrive. Whether your little one is starting school or you’re tackling high school or community college, United Way’s community-wide network of education programs aims to challenge the barriers created by systemic racism and set you up for educational success.

Education Programs and Resources

Resources for Parents With Young Kids

Parent of a 2-year-old? Connect with a home visitor to receive educational resources like books and toys so you can get your tot ready to excel when they start kindergarten.

Resources for Youth

Are you or someone you know 16-24 years old? Need help finishing high school and getting a GED or diploma? Get 1:1 mentoring, resources, and connect to fun, out-of-school opportunities rooted in your culture.

Resources for College Students

Are you a community college student and need housing assistance, transport, food or other supports so you can focus on graduating? Find a Benefits Hub near you.  

Resources for Parents With Young Kids

We believe parents are a child’s first—and best—teacher. Our ParentChild+ program, in collaboration with 13 community partners in King County, provides families of 2- to 4-year-olds with home visitor services that empower you with essential skills and resources to help you prep your child to be successful at school. Find a program and enroll your family today.

For information about how to enroll, contact our partner organizations:

Resources for Youth

From sharing your experiences to celebrating your cultural identity, our community partners can give you the support you need to earn a high school credential and plan for your future.

For information about how to enroll, contact our partner organizations below:

Racial Equity Coalition

We believe communities of color are best equipped to support youth of color in all aspects of life, including accessing their education. Wouldn’t it be great to hear your own stories in your educational curriculum to keep you engaged through high school and beyond? Each of our 14 Racial Equity Coalition (REC) partners do just that.

By creating communities of belonging, our REC partners provide after-school programs to address the uniqueness and challenges of Black, Indigenous, and students from other communities of color to build the tools they need to stay engaged in school. Find a program that works best for you.

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Community Resources

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