Run a Workplace Campaign

Congratulations! You’ve raised your hand to run your workplace giving campaign.

That means you must be a rockstar and everyone knows it.

Good news: We’re here to help you look good. Everything you need to know to have a successful campaign is below. Do a little copy/paste, work your magic and before you know it you’ll be boasting about the amount of money YOU helped raise for those in King County who need it.


Check out this quick video and step-by-step guide on how to run a campaign at your workplace.


Campaign Posters

Need something else? Email your Resource Development Officer, or Erica Wiley, and we’ll do our best to get you everything you need.


Offering prizes and other incentives for giving almost always helps increase your campaign. Poll a few coworkers to get some ideas of what you could offer. Often the best prizes come from within your own workplace like extra PTO hours, VIP parking, a week at the boss’ vacation home or company seats to a Seahawks game.

Emerging Leaders

If you have employees in their 20s or 30s who are interested in volunteering, networking and giving back all year long, they should join Emerging Leaders!Emerging Leaders know it takes time and money to truly make a difference, which is why they’re joining together to make an even bigger impact. Or even better, point them toward Emerging Leaders 365: With just $1/day the impact they make through collective giving will be incredible. Plus, Emerging Leaders 365 get some cool perks for taking the lead on building our community for the better.

Make it Fun

Use games to learn about the work you’re helping, throw a pub-trivia style event for your co-workers or include them in the emails you send to inspire giving.

Homelessness Board Game

Grab a pair of dice and print this board game for an exercise in empathy.

Straight Talk

Be clear with employees on the difference their donation will make.
Check out these examples of what your team’s generosity will accomplish.

Here are some stories of the impact your donation makes. You can find more stories about how your donation changes lives on our blog.


Our employees enjoy the opportunity to have fun and support an important cause.


Our United Way campaign is an incredible reminder of what we can do when all of our employees come together. Everyone participates and enjoys helping our community.

F.W. Baird Co.

You’re joining an incredible lineup. These companies also run workplace campaigns!