Run a Workplace Campaign

Every year, thousands of employees get involved in workplace giving campaigns to support United Way’s solutions that work toward ensuring that ALL people have homes, students graduate and families are financially stable.

We all have a cause that’s close to our hearts. But what better way to solve issues than to unite to raise money, speak out, and have a grand impact doing it?

Every dollar donated to United Way makes a difference in people’s lives, every day. Workplace giving campaigns are an easy and effective way to help employees make a difference and show them that their workplace is actively supporting the local community’s most important issues.

These resources will guide you to build your own winning campaign, engage your employees in it, build a spirit of teamwork by planning events and engagement opportunities, and of course, wrap it all up with a giant impact.

Once again, thank you for your commitment to our community and for bringing your team to step up for our neighbors in need.

We look forward to helping you get started and supporting you along the way, because teamwork absolutely makes the dream work!

Getting Started

Looking for a place to begin? We’ve got you. Here are two resources that’ll help you get started.

Setting You Up With Great Ideas

To inspire you, here’s a sneak peek into some creative workplace giving campaign creative ideas that have not only helped raise money for our community but have enabled their teams to build morale while having fun! Check back for more ideas.

Everyone seemed to really enjoy an outdoor gathering of pies in the face. It evolved from $20 to pie someone in the face into a bidding war to determine who wouldn’t get pied in the face or who would get to pie a specific person in the face.
They were a big hit!

— Thomas Giglio, Campaign Coordinator, Perteet

We try to connect over things we already love doing. So, by celebrating PCL Construction’s 30th anniversary in the Pacific Northwest at our annual charity golf tournament, we were not just able to double our attendance but also our fundraising efforts, allowing us to donate even more to the communities where we work and live. It feels good to do some good!

— Melanie Deitch, PCL Construction

Give Them Someplace to Go

Want to give your employees a look into the work we do at United Way of King County every day?

United Way’s website is a great and easy-to-navigate overview of the communities we serve and how we’re working toward a racially just community where ALL people have homes, students graduate and families are financially stable. Together.

Spreading the Word

Want to make your emails, your intranet site or your social media channels pop with word about your workplace campaign? Use these downloadables to get you going.

Campaign Posters

Share this PDF outlining reasons to give to United Way.

Need something else? We’re pretty sure you’re full of awesome ideas! Email your United Way engagement officer or Jessica Curtis and we’ll do our best to get you what you need.

Employees’ Gifts At Work

When your employees give, they’re making a sound investment that benefits the entire community and leads to a stronger, more sustainable place to live and work. It’ll take ALL of us to come together to solve some of the challenges in our community today. And these are the areas we’re getting started with and where your employees’ donations can go. They can read more about the impact of their gifts here:

Stories of Impact

Affinity Groups for Your Employees

Your employees love the work we’re doing at United Way and want to stay connected? Tell them about two United Way affinity groups that can make them feel even more committed to the great work they’re supporting with their gifts.

Emerging Leaders 365

If your team is interested in connecting with other philanthropic folks and volunteering, networking and giving back all year long, invite them to join Emerging Leaders 365! With just $1/day, the impact they make through collective giving is incredible. Plus, Emerging Leaders 365 members get some cool perks for taking the lead on building our community for the better.

Change Makers

By giving $100/month or more for a year, Change Makers invest in improving our community for everyone. Joining this group includes special, intimate volunteer opportunities, educational sessions led by local experts, and other exclusive opportunities with community leaders and fellow donors.

Join The Club

You’re joining an incredible lineup of companies committed to our community through workplace campaigns: