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The Snowpocalypse Almost Meant Eviction for This College Student

Danielle was nearly done with the early childhood development certification at Highline College that her employer was paying for. But with a 3-day "pay or vacate" notice, all of that was at risk. Without a place to stay, the 32-year old would not be able to continue both work and school successfully. And, at this point, the two were intertwined: dropping out of school would compromise her employment. Read Article

Millions of Children are Eligible For School Breakfast, But They’re Not Getting It

The need for school breakfast highlights racial inequities in the fight for access to healthy food. Studies show that the need for school meals is great—21.8 million students eat free- or reduced-price lunch—but only 12.5 million eat school breakfast. Many children missing out on school breakfast are low-income, immigrant students and students of color. Read Article

Threat of Another Government Shutdown has Many on Edge

More people are living on the edge than we realize. The Federal Reserve Board issued a report that found four out of ten Americans, if faced with an unexpected expense of $400, would not be able to cover it. Maybe medical bills from an injury, an emergency car or home repair, or scraping together rent when your expected government paycheck didn’t come through. Read Article