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Seattle’s Kids Deserve a 2nd Chance

How can a community like ours have 14,000 young people with no high school diploma? It’s sad but true.   And as staggering as that number is, you have the power to not just change the outcome, but the equation. Your gift to Reconnecting Youth will help young people in our community reconnect to their education, earn a high school credential and build a solid career path to a bright future. Read Article

1,300 More Kids Now Ready For Kindergarten

The Parent-Child Home Program zeroes in on the opportunity gap by supporting parents during the crucial years of children’s development… and it’s working. Thanks to you, and all of our generous donors, we’re now able to reach even more kids and families to prepare them to start kindergarten ready to succeed. We have all sorts of numbers and figures to prove this program’s impact, but this says it all: Kids in the program are 30 percentage points more likely to graduate than their peers. Read Article