Emerging Leaders: Hands-on engagement with kids and the Vietnamese Friendship Association

Jun 3 10:00 AM-1:30 PM
Vietnamese Friendship Association
1700 E Union St, Seattle, 98122

We can all agree: when all kids – regardless of ethnicity, religion, or socioeconomic status – do better, we all do better. More importantly, education builds a strong foundation that our community can grow on.

Emerging Leaders will partner with the Vietnamese Friendship Association to lend a hand in building that foundation. The Vietnamese community in Seattle is a key part of what makes our city ours, and the VFA is dedicated to making sure it’s a community that thrives. Unfortunately, recently arrived refugee and immigrant youth face incredible barriers to success and self-sufficiency, often falling more than a year behind their English-speaking peers in school.

Emerging Leaders will be working with youth on fun team-building activities throughout the day at VFA’s Culture Fair. Activities include: running booths, organizing games and activities, serving food and more.

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