Shelter Extension Means a New Start for Local Family

By United Way of King County, on November 16, 2015 | In Fighting Homelessness

There’s no place like home. Home for the holidays. Home sweet home.

What if it wasn’t?

For one family of five, home sweet home meant the Bellevue winter shelter run by Catholic Community Services, one of United Way of King County’s partners in ending homelessness.

It was warm and safe. And though it was far from their idea of home, that didn’t keep them from pushing on.

Mom kept the kids on top of their school work. The kids helped with mealtimes and cleanup—and even read to other kids at the shelter. Dad applied for jobs every day and attended workshops on the Eastside to build his interview and job skills. All winter long, the family stuck together and kept their eyes fixed on the future.

Then April came. The winter shelter would close its doors in a week, just in time for Dad’s unemployment to run out. They had worked so hard and were so close to getting back on their feet. If they could just have a few more days.

United Way donors had perfect timing. Funding for a mini-grant went from generous donors to United Way to the winter shelter, allowing it to stay open another month. The week after the mini-grant was awarded, Dad found a full-time job with benefits in Eastgate. The family moved into an apartment near the kids’ schools, thanks to United Way partners all working together.

It sure is home sweet home.

Volunteer for the holidays—a shelter, food bank and family is calling your name.


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