CEO Jon Fine’s Top Moments, In Photos

By United Way of King County, on June 7, 2019 | In News

We’ll admit it: As we prepare to say farewell to Jon Fine, our longtime president and CEO, we’re feeling fairly nostalgic.

You can see a small sample of his highlights at the helm. Now check out the photos of those awesome, inspirational moments and more.

What’s On His Mind Now?

He let us do a Q&A one last time (actually, we’ll probably try to squeeze in another one later!). Here are his thoughts on the nonprofit community in our Puget Sound region.

  1. What’s One Piece of Advice You Have for the Nonprofit Community Here?
    Nonprofits should keep the focus on results rather than process. Though process is of consequence, results are why we are in business, what helps our community, and what donors want to invest in

    Sometimes nonprofits get too caught up in the process alone, and we should particularly emphasize the results we are actually producing.

  2. What’s Your Main Hope for Our Community?
    I hope our world and our community becomes more tolerant and less polarized. 

    We can reduce the acrimony, and contempt for others, and their different points of view. We could instead recognize our basic humanity, and the good that exists in all of us, and come together to help our friends, neighbors, and colleagues who are in need.

  3. What’s Next For You
    I’m going to have some more time for traveling, leisure and family.  But I’ll also still be active in the community. 

    I’ll be on a few more boards, do some volunteering, consulting, and teaching.  I’ve already agreed to be on the Board at Seattle Colleges Foundation and to teach a leadership course at the Seattle University Business School.  And I’ll continue to be an enthusiastic supporter of United Way.
  4. What Will You Miss Most About Working At United Way?
    Working at United Way has been an extraordinary honor for me.  Though I’ll miss many things, what I’ll miss the most is the wonderful people and programs I’ve seen in action and had the pleasure of being associated with. 

    Our staff, volunteers, agency partners, and leaders are extraordinarily dedicated and talented and I’ll miss working with them, learning from them, and being their colleague.

Thank you, Jon, for your leadership and vision!


Brendlyon Linton
June 14, 2019

A big thank you Jon and enjoy your future!! Brendlyon

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All comments are approved before they are posted to the site.