FAQ: Day & Night of Caring

By United Way of King County, on July 11, 2017 | In News, Volunteering

One of the biggest Seattle volunteer events is almost here! Day of Caring’s coming up. You know the drill…or do you? This year’s Day & Night of Caring is bigger and better. Check out these FAQ on making the most of this newness and greatness. We hope to see you out there!

What will be different about Day of Caring 2017?

So glad you asked, because it’s a ton. First, Day & Night of Caring is the name, because regular ol’ “Day of Caring” couldn’t handle it. Second, we noticed people like to compete, so we’re opening that door. Now you can compete with other volunteer teams within or outside your company for top dollars raised—similar to a GoFundMe campaign, except for specific causes relevant to your neighborhoods and your local community. Third, we’ll have a pre-Day & Night of Caring expo, where you’ll pick up your T-shirt and snag some freebies. And fourth but not least, you and your team are invited to Night Out For Caring at Safeco Field on Sept. 15, complete with celebrities, food and drinks, and prizes for the top fundraising teams. Think of it like the best happy hour ever.

Why is United Way adding a fundraising to Day of Caring, er, Day & Night of Caring?

Because we’ve seen the power of people coming together in volunteering, and that can be amplified when you back it with dollars. Many people want to raise money for specific causes—and everyone is passionate about different issues. This is a great way to combine all of that and give people an outlet to really make a difference.

Do I have to volunteer with Day & Night of Caring to participate in the fundraising? Is participating in the fundraiser mandatory?

Want to just volunteer or just raise money, but can’t do both? Totally fine. Doing both isn’t mandatory. We’ll accept your generosity in any form you can give it!

Do I have to raise money online only, or can I share it with others in person?

Either, or both! We encourage you to share your team’s fundraising page online because it’s so easy, and easy is good. But you, your teammates, and everyone you know is invited to Night Out For Caring at Safeco Field to share happy hour, have fun and take advantage of more fun ways to donate and support our great community. More party details are coming soon.

What if someone wants to give a check? 

It all adds up to good in the community! If you’ve got someone who prefers check over the online giving experience, just let your United Way contact know it’s on the way so we can credit it to the correct issue area.

What are the key dates and deadlines?

July 20 | Team sign-ups, project registration and team fundraising open. Link coming soon!

July 20-Sept. 15 | Share your fundraising goal with the world—a.k.a. your social channels. Big prizes await the top teams.

Sept. 12 | Expo and T-shirt pickup @ Seattle Center.

Sept. 15 | Day of Caring volunteer projects galore.

Sept. 15 | Night Out For Caring @ Safeco Field.

Can the money my team raises for Day of Caring count in my company’s giving campaign?

It sure can! You just have to report your final dollars raised to your company’s campaign contact. Not sure who that is? Email your United Way contact and we’ll track it down.

Where can I get more information?

Bookmark the Day of Caring page, and watch your inbox for email invites and event info. We’ll also announce key dates and info on our Facebook page, so be sure to Like us to stay in the know. You can email dayofcaring@uwkc.org with questions.


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