Welcome To Investor Update!

By United Way of King County, on February 18, 2015 | In News

You’re in the circle of trust. You’re one of the most important people to us. Why? Because you’re a donor of course. Because you’ve trusted us to use your hard-earned dollars to make some changes in our community.

The good news is, we’ve been doing that all along, but now we’re going to tell you about it once a quarter in this newsletter called (drum roll please): investor update.

We’ll include updates on our investments, success stories from individuals whose lives you’ve improved and we’ll tell you when things aren’t working out like we thought they would. And we want to hear from you. See something intriguing on ourFacebook? Give us your comments. Curiosity piqued by something you read on ourblog? Let us know or share it with your friends because we would like nothing more than to have an even bigger circle of trust.

Can’t wait until next quarter to hear more? Follow our blog. It has everything from Jon Stewart to stories that will bring tears to your eyes and restore your faith in humanity all at once.



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