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Fuel Your Future

Fuel Your Future Providing Hunger Relief for Those in Need during the COVID-19 Crisis Support this program $30 $100 $365 $1200 Home… Read More

Connecting to the Breakfast Challenge on a Personal Level

Growing up, I struggled in school and would misbehave often. While I had the unconditional love of my family, we struggled like many other families and not having breakfast was normal. Research now shows us there is a strong correlation between childhood hunger and children struggling in school. Read Article

Building Up Immigrant and Refugee Youth, Building Up Myself

I accepted my AmeriCorps VISTA position not out of any deep desire to commit to a year of National Service, but because I was interested in the project and organization: creating educational opportunities to refugee and immigrant youth. However, the reason that I fulfilled my year-long commitment as an AmeriCorps VISTA was because of the amazing opportunities that were presented to me as a result being a National Service member. Read Article

12s Join the Seahawks to Feed Kids

Fewer school absences. More likely to graduate high school. Less likely to end up in detention or the principal’s office. These are all results kids are seeing thanks to your support of United Way through our new Fuel Your Future Campaign. And you’d better believe Russell Wilson and the Seahawks are right there with us. Read on to see how. Read Article