Supporting Youth

When you support United Way, you’re helping young people complete their education and get back on track. Last year we invested $7.9M in youth programs around the county, connected thousands of volunteers who want to make a difference and helped give young people a voice in Olympia.

Our Goals

Engage 50% of disconnected youth

60% of youth of color in the program gain college credits
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Reconnecting Youth

Today in King County there are 14,000 young people between the ages of 16 and 24 with no high school credentials and no viable job prospects. We know that we can help these young people in their to journey to adulthood. In fact, if we don’t help, our entire community misses out.

That’s why we’re engaging disconnected youth in mentorship, technical assistance with financial aid and admissions, and support through the process so they can reach high school completion, post-secondary education and a stable career path.

We also know that these young people are resilient. While they’re looking for a chance to get reengaged, they bring the energy and tenacity necessary to get back on track.


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