1 Volunteer = $30,000 Saved

By United Way of King County, on October 13, 2017 | In Breaking the Cycle of Poverty, Volunteering

Microsoft is in the midst of their GIVE campaign this October and they have a LONG history of blowing this thing out of the water. Raising record-setting funds for communities all over, logging incredible amounts of time volunteering and leveraging their expertise and skills to help nonprofits everywhere continue to advance their technology skills.

We suspect they’re doing even more this October and we want to cheer them on. We’re lucky to have one of the most generous employee giving programs right here in our backyard. And we’re lucky to have so many Microsoft employees engaged with us all year long.

Microsoft employees come out in a BIG way to volunteer for United Way’s Free Tax Preparation program. In fact, they make up about 10% of our total volunteer force each year. Here’s what one Microsoft tax volunteer had to say about their experience,

“What I love about the campaign is that we are… helping one person at a time. It’s easy to lose sight of that in the numbers and stats. I helped a client, who had had medical problems carried over from last year. We ended up working together on her taxes for about five hours over three nights. She wasn’t aware of all the deductions she could take. We spent time checking through what expenses she had, and asking the questions we needed to, to eventually get her a large refund. This person, living on her own, was so appreciative of the time given to her to explain things and empower her for the future.

On average, each certified tax volunteer brings back $30,000 to individuals and families in the form of tax credits and refunds. So when we say we’re thankful to have so many Microsoft tax volunteers, what we mean is we’re REALLY thankful. Like $30,000 each thankful.

Do you want to make that kind of impact? You can! Sign up to be a Free Tax volunteer and you too could be saving $30,000 for your neighbors who need it.
Sign up here to be a general Free Tax Preparation volunteer.
Sign up here if you’re a Microsoft employee and want to volunteer at a site with your coworkers.


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