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With your support, we can partner with the most effective nonprofits across King County to reach the most people in need with programs that work.

Ending Homelessness

Ending Homelessness

It shouldn’t happen, period. But when it does happen due to crisis, we’re there with housing and jobs so people get back on their feet quickly.

Helping Students Graduate

Helping Students Graduate

Kids are falling behind. We support parents, help pre-K kids prep for the first day, and help students get back on track after major struggles or dropping out.

Building Financial Stability

Building Financial Stability

Poverty’s happening here. We reach out to families with emergency help so they can get on stable financial ground.

Get Involved

Connect with others by volunteering, celebrating at an event, and doing good with donations and sponsorships.


Join the thousands in our community giving their time and loving every minute of it.

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United Way of King County hosts fun, inspiring events throughout the year that provide opportunities to network, engage in our community and learn about United Way’s work.

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Emerging Leaders

Hey, professionals in your 20s and 30s—looking to make a difference and get more involved in this great community? Join Emerging Leaders for year-round opportunities to network, volunteer, meet new friends and local business leaders, and boost your community IQ.

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Become a Champion

Stand up for what you’re passionate about. Join forces with our forward-thinking, game-changing United Way Champions when you make a gift of $10,000 or more.

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Get Your Company Involved

Can you see your organization’s name and logo powering countywide volunteer events or results in homelessness—and meeting the approving eyes of our community? Know your co-workers are hungry to strengthen their neighborhoods with both their time and money? This is the place to go for those winning connections.

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