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14,000 Reasons Why Local Youth Don’t Graduate

Disconnected youth. What does that even mean? It’s a term used by social scientists that refers to young people 16-24 who are neither working nor attending school and don’t have a diploma. We have about 14,000 young people in King County and Seattle who fit that definition. Read Article

The Snowpocalypse Almost Meant Eviction for This College Student

Danielle was nearly done with the early childhood development certification at Highline College that her employer was paying for. But with a 3-day "pay or vacate" notice, all of that was at risk. Without a place to stay, the 32-year old would not be able to continue both work and school successfully. And, at this point, the two were intertwined: dropping out of school would compromise her employment. Read Article

Ready For Kindergarten? More Kids Can Say Yes

Are all kids smiling on their first day of kindergarten? Not if they're already struggling to keep up with their classmates. United Way's Parent-Child Home Program closes the education gap for low-income kids. Read their stories. Read Article