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For A Domestic Violence Survivor: A Brighter Future

"Streets to Home gives domestic violence survivors the choice to determine what’s best for them. It leads to real, permanent solutions instead of temporary fixes that don’t end up fixing anything at all.” —Lea Aromin, Housing Stability Services Manager at Lifewire Read Article

GED Support With Reconnecting Youth

When your mom asks you to stay home from school, you do it. That's what Lee faced until he dropped out and hen became homeless. Learn how United Way's Reconnecting Youth program got Lee the GED support he needed to put his dreams back in sight. Read Article

28 Foster Care Moves For Seattle Poet Laureate

Moving once is plenty of work for most people. How would you fare through 28 foster care moves? That was the story for Angel, Seattle's Youth Poet Laureate, a determined young woman who had a book deal but no place to sleep. Check out how she got through it. Read Article

Education Through Poverty Barriers

Digging through garbage for food. Stealing clothes. Unplanned pregnancy. Ingrid faced an uphill battle in keeping up in school. See how she got back on track with Reconnecting Youth. Read Article