Coming Together: Pillar Properties and Merrill Gardens Raise Money for COVID-19 Community Relief

By United Way of King County, on October 27, 2020 | In Covid-19, News

With so much need in our community, it’s fun to see how creative different companies are getting with their generosity. 

Early on, Pillar Properties, a Seattle-based property developer, owner and operator, wanted to respond to the wide-ranging economic impacts of the COVID-19 crisis. 

They organized an online team fundraiser alongside their sister company, Merrill Gardens, for United Way of King County’s Community Relief Fund. They offered a match up to $100 to any employees and residents who gave – and turned it into a bit of a community-builder.

The results have been impressive! With more than 140 people making donations, they raised over $75,000 to provide support for those in need of housing assistance and food relief.

As a family-owned company with deep roots in the Puget Sound region, we felt a responsibility to help those in our community most impacted by COVID-19. This effort also provided an opportunity during this challenging time to connect with one another through giving. I am amazed by the generosity of the Pillar Properties team, our partners, and the residents who call our apartments home.

Billy Pettit, President, Pillar Properties

Their efforts support United Way of King County’s Community Relief Fund to provide emergency food vouchers and rental assistance. With their help, more than 8,400 people have received rental assistance and nearly 2,000 households were given grocery vouchers. 

Pillar Properties and Merrill Gardens particularly liked that the Fund has been intentional in serving communities of color—who because of historical and systemic racism—have been particularly hard-hit by the economic crisis. 

Thank you Pillar Properties and Merrill Gardens for stepping up in this time of need and raising money to help others in the community!


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