Cook with FareStart to Support Financial Stability

Dec 1 10:00 AM-3:00 PM
700 Virginia St, Seattle, 98101

Are you a seasoned chef? Pride yourself on that amazing homemade pho? Or are you that person in the kitchen that can barely tell which end of the knife is which?

No matter which of those questions you answered “yes” to, we still want you to come prepare a meal with other Emerging Leaders in the FareStart Community Meals kitchen! FareStart is an amazing (and delicious) partner of United Way’s – but this time, instead of them bringing food to us, we’re bringing helping hands to them.

Poverty is a perpetual cycle—especially for people who are homeless, in recovery, or previously incarcerated. Dealing with these conditions makes finding and keeping a job a huge struggle. FareStart helps people overcome the barriers to employment by developing the work and life skills they need to have lifelong careers. In turn, their amazing talent and hard work fuels the organization’s social enterprise restaurants, cafes, catering and community meals programs.


This opportunity is open to young professionals part of our Emerging Leaders 365 program.

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