Fight homelessness with Mary's Place

May 27 10:00 AM-12:00 PM
Mary's Place
2213 8th Ave , Seattle, 98122

Taking a first step can be difficult. Whether you are learning to walk, about to start a marathon, beginning a new job search or proposing to your significant other, gaining support from your friends, family and community will make the task easier.

Mary’s Place operates as the first step on the journey out of homelessness for women and children. Established in 1999, Mary’s Place has grown to provide a resources, programs, services and 6 crisis response night shelters to those who need help in taking that first step.

Emerging Leaders will be helping to sort through the large influx of donations that Mary’s Place has received. This work will help Mary’s Place effectively use and distribute their donations to the areas and people that need them the most.

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