Help United Way Prep for the Family Resource Exchange

Oct 23 6:00 PM-8:00 PM
United Way King County Building
720 Second Avenue, Seattle, 98104

United Way’s Family Resource Exchange events lessen the heavy burden of homelessness by connecting families to housing and providing other specific resources families need. Services include financial support programs and public benefits for families, child care resources, on-the-spot job interviews, haircuts, new shoes and a food bank. This is an opportunity for families to come to a single location and receive multiple services in one place.

Emerging Leaders will help prepare important supplies for the upcoming Family Resource Exchange. During the Family Resource Exchange, families can access a giveaway area that contains large quantities of free groceries, hygiene materials, clothes, shoes, and school supplies. It is a big haul from the United Way team to get everything ready and set-up for the event, which is why we need the support of volunteers to prep everything. Tasks will include (1) consolidating and organizing giveaways into boxes of like-items, (2) assembling and organizing event signage, (3) organizing supplies by event area, (4) creating giveaway bags for service providers, (5) moving supplies for easy load-out.

This opportunity is open to young professionals as part of our Emerging Leaders program.

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