June Monthly Volunteer Challenge: Housewarming Gift Drive for Students

Jun 1 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
June Monthly Volunteer Challenge: Housewarming Gift Drive for Students

Education can be a pathway out of poverty, and community colleges offer an affordable way for low-income students to complete their education. In fact, in King County, more than half of students enrolled are low-income. However, access is only part of the challenge, and fewer than half of the students enrolled will earn their credential due to financial barriers, and the current pandemic and the following social, political, and economic impacts is creating exacerbated hardship for many students. Bridge to Finish is changing completion rates by providing coordinated services and supports to students today so that they can stay in school, and influencing systems change for a more equitable experience for future generations of students. The largest barriers these college students face are food and housing due to systemic and institutional racism and those affected are predominantly BIPOC students.

Please join us in supporting Highline College students moving into a new apartment through a program called WISH in partnership with Bridge to Finish!  Emerging Leaders 365 volunteers will shop online to purchase materials that will be distributed as housewarming gifts to newly housed students.

Check back for a video here to learn more about the program and how you can volunteer.

This opportunity is for young professionals as part of the Emerging Leaders 365 program.


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