Homeless Veteran Gets His Smile Back

By United Way of King County, on April 30, 2016 | In Fighting Homelessness

Wild Bill proudly talked about his days in US Special Forces as an Army Ranger during United Way of King County’s Community Resource Exchange. The one day event connected homeless youth and adults to critical services like medical care.

“I was shot in the heart during Desert Storm.”

After his time in the military, Wild Bill said he suffered some medical problems, including a stroke. It was during an episode that he fell and knocked out several of his teeth.

“The last four teeth I got. She recommended I get dentures.”

Wild Bill was referring to the dental specialist who cared for him and others during the annual event.

The dental team was equipped to handle dozens of clients who needed teeth cleaning, tooth extractions, and other surgical procedures.

Since the Community Resources Exchange connected more than one thousand clients to essential resources all under one roof, Bill also was able to get a haircut and visit the shoe section.

With a huge grin on his face, he referenced the Brooks running shoes he received.

“They feel pretty good. I like them.”

Brooks Sports, Inc. graciously donated more than a thousand pairs of shoes while companies like Cutter and Buck provided clothing including sweatshirts to guests.

Wild Bill made a promise before he moved on to other services at United Way’s Community Resource Exchange.


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