Sorry, No More Rental Assistance Applications

By United Way of King County, on April 7, 2023 | In Fighting Homelessness, News

United Way of King County is no longer accepting new applications for rental assistance due to limited funds remaining in its county-sponsored Emergency Rental Assistance and Eviction Prevention Program. United Way will continue to serve people with its remaining rental assistance funds through May 31.

United Way was put in charge of the county’s emergency rental assistance program last year and went on to disburse about $1 million a week in rental assistance—the equivalent of about 85 households, with each receiving nine months of back rent and three months of future rent.

But with limited funds remaining for the Emergency Rental Assistance and Eviction Prevention Program, those who submit a rental assistance form will be added to a waiting list that will be addressed only if additional funding becomes available.

Folks selected from the waiting list would be notified via email. Continue to visit for updates regarding rental assistance and call 2-1-1 for more resources.

Federal emergency rental assistance funding, designed to help people stay housed during the COVID-19 pandemic, is decreasing along with other aid. That’s why United Way and its partners are developing a new program that will not be tied to COVID money, said Jake Janesch, United Way senior manager of rental assistance and homeless prevention.

Janesch said the new program will launch in the coming months. Janesch added that eligibility requirements will be similar to other programs but added, “We will be targeting and serving the most vulnerable since the program will have less money to serve fewer people.”

Check back here for more information regarding United Way rental assistance programs.


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