On Track To Rock The Classroom

By United Way of King County, on June 11, 2015 | In Helping Students Graduate

Hanan, 2, was quiet and reserved. Only copying exactly what others said. Not playing much, even with her siblings. Amira, her mom, was worried. Was it because English was the family’s second language? Was their recent move from Africa too much? How would Hanan do when it was time to go to school?

Now two years later, Hanan’s teacher says that when it comes to preschool, Hanan’s an old pro. She is eager to learn new things and loves reading time.

So what made up the difference? This.

The Parent-Child Home Program helps moms like Amira get kids like Hanan ready to rock the classroom. The program engages 1,000 isolated, diverse, low-income families in their homes and coaches parents to become adept teachers for their young children.

Watch it: Moms spill all about the Parent-Child Home Program.

Hanan is a proud grad of the Parent-Child Home Program. This year alone, 500+ are on track to graduate—the most the program has had since United Way of King County began funding it in 2010. Many of the families, like Hanan’s, are immigrants or refugees from Somalia, Cambodia and other countries. Most in the program live in Seattle and south King County.

“When you are new to a place, everything is strange,” Amira said. “The program seemed strange. It seemed like a big risk—having someone new come into our home to spend time with our child. But before long it gave us a window of encouragement for our children’s future in school.”

“This program gives us hope for this journey, for this new life we have started here. Thank you, thank you—I’m proud of the people who’ve helped this program.”


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