Parent-Child Home Program

When parents become their children’s first and best teachers, kids start school on a path to success.

Three out of four low-income kids in Washington are behind their peers when they start kindergarten. These kids have as much potential as any child. They and their parents simply face bigger obstacles.

The Parent-Child Home Program zeroes in on the preparation gap by supporting parents during the crucial early years of their children’s development.

Kids who participate in the Parent-Child Home Program are 30% more likely to graduate

How it Works

The key is reaching struggling, low-income families when and where it matters most – in the home, when children are 2 and 3 years old. We offer specific, respectful support to help parents prepare their kids for success.

In-Home visits. Trained parent coaches visit families twice a week for two years.

Educational books and toys. Coaches bring a book or toy each week and model educational play.

Cultural relevance. Families are matched with coaches of the same language and cultural background.

Success to Date

We’ve expanded the program this year to serve 1,300 families. Across the county, more kids like Daniel and Sammy are seeing success with the program.

95% of kids who started the program two years ago completed it successfully.

85% showed significant increases in school-readiness skills like being able to focus on activities and using language to communicate their needs.

83% of parents exhibited positive behaviors that will help kids succeed in school, like providing focused attention and using encouraging language.

We’ve expanded the program primarily in high-need areas of South King County and South Seattle. Our program partners have grown from nine to seventeen and the families they serve include Iraqi and West African immigrant and refugees as well as African American and Native American.

National research has long shown that kids who go through the program are better prepared than their peers who don’t participate in the program. Recent local research shows something even more exciting. The success PCHP grads experience and take with them to the first day of kindergarten sticks with them for years to come.

Our Goal: To Help Every Family That Wants Support

With your support, we can make the Parent-Child Home Program available to even more low-income families. Our goal is to double the percentage of kids in our community who are ready for kindergarten – from 40% in 2015 to 80% in 2020.

Ways your support could be acknowldeged: – Your logo on the program’s page at, the United Way Website – Potential mention in neighborhood newspapers and blogs – Potential mention in social media (e.g. Facebook posts and Tweets).

For more information on this or any investment opportunity, please contact your Resource Development Officer or Darryl Brown at 206.461.5049.

The Parent-Child Home Program aims to give every child an equal chance to succeed. 3 out of 4 low-income kids are behind when school starts. Learn more.

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