Keeping Families Financially Stable

Before the pandemic, the wealth gap in King County was significant. The pandemic has only increased that gap.

Worse yet, people of color experience poverty at a disproportionate rate in King County. To fight this, we invest in strategies and agencies that specifically meet the needs of communities of color, improve outreach to those communities and reduce barriers to accessing support.

Too many families in Seattle and throughout King County wrestle with poverty every day. We connect families with support so they can get on stable financial ground and work towards their dreams.

A person holding a box of food approaches a car with the trunk open

Bringing Food Security to the Table

Hunger is a symptom of poverty. An influx of funding during the pandemic enabled us to create innovative and equitable ways to provide hunger relief to our neighbors. As pandemic-era funding comes to an end, hunger remains an ongoing crisis. We must act now to put food security back on the table.

Person with short black hair, wearing glasses and a blue t-shirt that says "United Way Tax Expert" smiles toward camera

Free Tax Preparation Campaign

Providing tax advice so people can make the most of tax credits