Every Day Is Indigenous People’s Day

By United Way of King County, on October 7, 2022 | In News, Racial Equity

On October 10, we honor Indigenous People’s Day (honestly if you ask us, that’s every day.)
It takes us back to this quote from the First Nations Development Institute,

Every day is the right time to honor Native culture, strength and fortitude. Every day is an opportunity to tell the world: We are here. We are still here!”

First Nations Development Institute

At United Way of King County, we acknowledge that we work on the unceded, traditional land of the Coast Salish Peoples, specifically the first people of Seattle, the Duwamish People, original stewards of the land, past and present. For this acknowledgment to become meaningful, we combine accountable relationships with informed actions—a first step in honoring the land we are on and its people.

We show our commitment to the Native people of this land by intentionally directing funds to groups led by and in support of Indigenous peoples.

We hope you’ll join us on this journey as we learn and unlearn, listen, collaborate and take action.

Every dollar counts. Learn more about the Indigenous Communities Fund and invest in the long-term viability of King County’s Indigenous people today.

  • Keep On Learning:
    • The Seattle Urban Native Nonprofits (SUNN) is a collaborative of American Indian & Alaskan Native (AI/AN) organizations that have come together for Native unity. Learn more about the history of Seattle’s urban Natives—a story of generosity, oppression, resilience, renewal and unity dating back to 1824.  >> Click For The History
    • Watch “First Foods: How Native people are revitalizing the natural nourishment of the Pacific Northwest,” a multimedia project by the Seattle Times that highlights the movement in tribal communities to promote traditional foods. >> Watch Here
    • Bree Kame’enui is kicking off the United Way Speaker Series for Emerging Leaders 365 on November 16! Identifying as Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, Bree is a member of the indigenous community and will share her career journey prioritized in philanthropy. RSVP for FREE and join us for this conversation.  >>Come Be Inspired
    • Did you know that there’s a Seattle-based organization that works to end Urban Indigenous homelessness for the health, well-being, and healing of Indigenous people? It’s called the National Coalition to End Urban Indigenous Homelessness. Check out their mission and good work here. >> Learn More
    • What is your artistic heritage? Six Pacific Northwest Native artists from across the region answered this question in creating the inaugural exhibit in the Northwest Native Art Gallery. Featuring both newly-created and historic basketry, carvings, multimedia art, and more, these women bring personal meanings to Native art while embracing the heritage of their ancestors and cultures. >> Visit Northwest Native Art @ Burke Museum
  • Celebrate:
    • A celebratory march, a free salmon dinner, cultural performances, and an open mic, honor Indigenous Peoples’ Day the United Indians of All Tribes Foundation way on Oct. 10 at the Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center.>> Celebrate United
    • Foster an appreciation and love of traditional Native foods through Indigikitchen. >> Get Cooking
    • Catch a free performance of “According to Coyote”, a vibrant and entertaining anthology of tales featuring the legendary hero of American Indian mythology using age-old traditions of music, dance, and theatre. >> Revel in Theatre
    • Celebrate with Canoes, a group committed to celebrating Native heritage and bringing more awareness to the city about issues impacting Native Peoples. >> Choose From Three Events
  • Support:


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