Sept. 15: Rock Our “New” Seattle Volunteer Event

By United Way of King County, on August 3, 2017 | In News, Volunteering

You might be in the know with United Way’s Day of Caring and what this Seattle volunteer event is. Or you might be a total newb. Either way, welcome to the easiest way to do good and inspire others to get involved too!

Day & Night of Caring is Sept. 15, but now’s the time to do your planning. Take a stand for your community by joining any or all of these events that are part of this year’s latest and greatest Day & Night of Caring. These are all great ways to make a real difference!

Get Your Hands Dirty

This is somewhat literal. Form a volunteer team and pick a volunteer project to do Sept. 15. Your team can be anyone, from your favorite happy hour crew to your co-workers.

We have a ton of project variety to keep your peeps happy. Become human weedwackers at your favorite park. Super lunch servers at a shelter. They’re all there, just waiting for you.

Bonus: Don’t let someone else steal your prime chance to boost your leadership skills. Take on the role of project leader.

When: Now! Find your volunteer project.

Raise Some Dough

Moolah. Dinero. This new part of Day & Night of Caring means you can raise money for the cause you care about, even if you’re not the volunteering, hands-dirty type.

With this fundraising bit, you’re essentially pumping up your networks to get equally as involved as you. Well, more than you, if you’re a slacktivist. We don’t judge. We do need money to help hungry kids, families in poverty, and people struggling with homelessness. That’s where you come in.

When: Start your fancy fundraiser page, share it with everyone, and use #DayofCaringKC too.

Join the Night Out For Caring

If volunteering and raising money aren’t your jam (teamwork and talking to people, gag), then partying has to be. You’re invited to Night Out For Caring, featuring fabulous food from Ethan Stowell restaurants, fun activities and surprise celebrity appearances.

When: Sept. 15, 5–8 p.m., The ‘Pen @ Safeco Field. RSVPs open now!

We can do great things when we put our time and money where our values are. This is the Greater Seattle area, and we know how to take care of people here. Let’s prove it to the rest of the country.

Oh and btw, last year 13,000 people volunteered on Day of Caring. Let’s rock it again.


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