Home For Family: Andre’s Story

By United Way of King County, on November 22, 2016 | In Success Stories

A home that’s affordable in the Seattle area? We all know how hard that is to find.

Andre’s search for housing was much like anyone’s these days. Except he was starting from scratch—homelessness. And to find an apartment that had the space for him and his two sons and was affordable? That was beyond stressful.

His mental health struggles made it all nearly impossible.

Welcome home, Andre

Streets to Home was ready. It’s United Way’s program that uses flexible funding to help people over the various small hurdles they face in getting off the streets. That funding is from generous people like you.

In Andre’s case, those funds were the deposit on a low-income apartment in Renton. And United Way’s partner, Valley Cities Behavioral Health Care, was also ready with counseling and other health support near his apartment.

In other words, he and his family now have a home and the help they need to stay there. And having a stable home makes keeping a job and staying in school that much easier.

It’s where they’ll celebrate the holidays. Where they’re safe and dry and together. Where they’re building their lives.

Cheers to Andre and his sons! And cheers to people who helps us stop homelessness in its tracks.


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