New Year’s Resolution Ideas for a Better You!

By United Way of King County, on December 23, 2014 | In Volunteering

The champagne is fizzing, music is blaring and fireworks are lighting up the sky. You may be asking yourself, where did 2014 go right about now? I can’t answer that for you (mostly because I’m still trying to figure it out myself), but I can help you as you think about your 2015 resolutions.

Resolutions are often about self-improvement. Even if something along the lines of “help out my community” makes your list, the underlying thread of that is still improving the person who you are. It’s sort of like the wikipedia “if everyone on the site gave $3” thing. If every single person became a kind individual who helped others, our world would be one heck of a better place.

Here are some ideas to help get you on the right track:

  • Do something about whatever makes you angry. What’s the one thing that gets under your skin? What do you complain about that the people around you are tired of hearing? I know it’s hard, but just pick one thing and then figure out how or what you can do about it. Won’t actually doing something be better than just complaining?
  • Visit a new town or neighborhood. Even if you’ve lived here your whole life I’m sure there’s somewhere you haven’t been before. Check it out. Broaden your horizons. Meet some new people. Experience a new place. Have cool stories to share with your friends.
  • Introduce yourself to a neighbor. Riding the elevator with strangers is uncomfortable so let me guess, you pull out your phone and check instagram (even though you just checked it 30 seconds ago). Next time, maybe say hello or even get crazy and introduce yourself. It comes in handy when you need that cup of sugar…
  • Schedule acts of kindness. Have you ever had your coffee paid for by the person in front of you in line? Remember how awesome that was? Schedule acts of kindness into your routine so that they’re no longer random. Small or large, if you make them purposeful you’ll gain a lift in your spirits and you’ll make someone’s day.
  • Volunteer. This one is a no brainer for both being a better person and helping your community. Take care of two birds at once by volunteering for something that requires manual labor and badda bing, badda boom your resolution to lose a few pounds might happen too. We’ve got TONS of options–find one that works for you.

Now tell us what made your list this year? We’d love to hear them (and maybe steal them too)!


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